When we first bought our home over 4 years ago, we had gotten estimates to renovate our kitchen and we were discouraged to say the least when we found that the cost was waaaaaay out of our reach. So I’m sure just like many of you guys, we have a beautiful design in our heads, but for financial reasons or time constraints, we just cant quite get there…yet! So we decided to just live with it, … For several years! We did however manage to at least paint over the hunter green and burgundy floral wall paper! Lol We tried to think of ways to cut down the cost, but cabinetry is so expensive, we needed more storage, our microwave was broken and hoped to replace it with a oven hood and we really wanted to add a pantry. The list seemed endless!

“How could we get this done in our budget which was 1/3 the estimated price?!”



I'll tell you how we did it!

Many more estimates.


One night while sketching out what i hoped our kitchen to look like, an idea occurred to me??

What if we worked with what we have, and could find someone to just make all new updated doors for the cabinets? But… would someone even be willing to do that?? So, after brainstorming for a few days an pitching this idea to my husband I decided to start calling cabinet business to see if anyone was up for the job!

Keep in mind, people work in different ways. We found a cabinet maker who was willing to work with our existing materials. That alone became a massive saver. We didn’t need all new cabinets, we just needed to rework what already existed in our kitchen. He was also willing to shave off inches of one of the cabinets, giving us more room between the island and the counter, and also allowing for this sliding side cabinet. Already more space and not an excessive amount of new materials!

Make your own purchases on what you can.

With his help we also managed to install this wonderful apron farmhouse sink that looks like a million bucks, if I do say so myself! I did some research online and found it on amazon with 2 day prime shipping. Yet another money saver, see if you can get your supplies, hardware, appliances yourself and have someone install them for you! It saves on time and energy for the people working with you, it saves you from wondering exactly what will be installed, and of course, it cuts down on budget. Check out our exact sink: here

Don’t over look the money savers in the small details!

I found what I wanted at one high end store and they were exactly what I wanted! The price though, was not so fantastic! We needed several of them for the shelving design I wanted to incorporate into the kitchen so I researched and found some similar. So, off to Lowes I went to check them out in person. These were a fraction of the price, but they were bronze. Not the look I was going for even at a bargain price. But I knew with just a little spray paint they would look just like the ones I originally wanted! So I decided to paint these with Lowes flat black paint and I wouldn’t happier! They have the look and vibe of the high end store where I saw them first, they are just as sturdy and were a fraction of the price!

Substitutes are not a bad thing!

Granite and marble countertops are beautiful, but they cost a fortune! I’m such a budget girl I just couldn’t bring myself to spend 5,000 or more on countertops my kids are going to spill koolaid on and make messes all over. So I found a look alike that  I love and honestly looks so real ya’ll! It goes that extra little bit to make your kitchen look like a million bucks for a steal! We got this countertop from our contractor that did our cabinets and and it has been a dream and not to mention a massive money saver! here

So remember…

Get in there, get dirty, paint the room yourself, the “guts” and inner workings of the room might be able to be reworked rather than replaced, find a contractor that fits your needs and your budget, and never underestimate the money saving possibilities in the small details of a room.

We went from estimates over $10,000 to working, reworking it, studying, researching and purchasing things ourselves and pulled it off at around $3,000. Imagine where that money could go in the rest of your home! It is worth the time and effort, and by the end, you’ve accomplished something that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

Next week...

We'll be bringing you a look at the details of the kitchen; the little touches that make every house a home! Till then, have a lovely week and happy pickin'!