Growing up in small town USA, on a tight budget, my family and I would spend our weekends bouncing from thrift store to junk store to antique stores searching for items we may have needed. 

For me this has always been a way of life.

Unlike the trendiness of going junk huntin’ now, back then, it was a necessity and not always so glamourous. I sometimes found myself embarrassed by the idea of taking something used and bringing it into our home or having to wear it. But that moment you hit the jack pot, you know….when you found a pair of guess jeans for $2.00, well of course then it was all worth it!  Ok so now I’m really telling my age. 

I remember as a kid going to a place called ‘The Quarter Store’. This so called ‘store’ was inside of a lady’s barn and she was actually the mother of the owner of the famous, Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, AL. What she would do is take all of the merchandise that hadn’t sold in the storefront or was possibly damaged to her barn dump them out on tables and sell them for a quarter.

I guess you could say I was definitely thrifting before it was cool. 

My family and I would go to the barn sometimes to get in line at 5:30 in the morning and we would find all kinds of amazing name brand things that we couldn’t have imagined buying brand new. It was a treasure hunt for sure! Although then I may not have always been excited about having to shop second hand, it taught me life lessons that I still live by …

Those experiences made me who I am today.

Because I grew up the way I did, I was taught to get creative with my style and how to find things I needed without breaking the bank. Now as an adult, I love it. I love being able to recreate a look for less and save my family money. From the clothes I wear to the things I use to decorate my home with…my taste is always going to be SHOPPING ON A BUDGET! 

I don’t have a degree in Fashion and I don’t have a degree in Interior Design…but what I do have is a PASSION

I love bringing lif to something old or that someone else threw out and giving it a new purpose. When I find a certain piece that speaks to me, my wheels start turning and it just comes to life.  I can look at an old buffet and see new finish being restored and I can see placing that piece next to the entryway for guests to sign in at during a wedding perfectly staged…. Y’ALL… the ideas and creativity just starts flowing.

Around 2007-08, I started following a lot of home decor blogs and that’s where I first saw and heard of antique & vintage markets. I would see some of these bloggers make posts about what all they found and photos of the booths and i was drooling over these pictures. It was a junkers dream! Their booths were staged and styled with gorgeous unique finds. They had done all the hard work and digging for you!  I fell in love and WISHED I could go to one myself but there just weren’t any around in the south close to Alabama. Most were in Texas, Washington State and all over the U.S.. Until one day I saw a blogger I followed (Savvy City Farmhouse) say that she would be at a show close to Nashville that October. Are you kidding me??? I was jumping for joy and immediately made plans to go! FINALLY something close to home and that’s when the DREAM sparked. 

In 2013, I set out to Franklin, Tennessee to go to an event called “City Farmhouse”. We couldn’t get there fast enough! When we arrived I was in awe of the variety and quality of the items that I was looking at, ALL IN ONE PLACE. WHAT?!  Pure heaven for this little junkers heart! Everything from the vendors, organization, and the amazing experience was INCREDIBLE. There was nothing like this in Alabama! 

After attending City Farmhouse and purchasing some AMAZING finds, I felt so inspired and motivated to put my PASSION into ACTION. It literally kept me up at night, it’s all I could think about. But still thinking I could never do this, could I?? My husband (who might I say, is the best partner I could ever ask for) and I traveled around the South to lots of shows over the next year gaining inspiration and of course always bringing home more pickin’ finds. 

Our dream was to be able to bring the experiences we’ve had shopping at these sales to Alabama. 

  • In 2015 we hosted our VERY FIRST  ‘Vintage Pickin’ Barn Sale’.
  • In 2016 we hosted our second and our third Barn Sales.
  • THIS YEAR we will host our fourth, fifth and sixth Vintage Pickin’ Barn Sales.

Y’all…this was a scary dream.  It took a lot of pep talks, and courage to take a leap of faith and trust that God would provide me and my family with what we needed to make this happen.  There have been fear, long nights of crying, days when I wanted to give up, weeks leading up to the events thinking ‘what if no one shows up?’….

But through this entire experience the Lord has shown me just how much he can use you and your passions for the betterment of his kingdom if you just TRUST in Him! 

I’m so thankful I took that leap of faith and following my passion. I could not be more humbled that you have all chosen to come along on this adventure with me!

You can check out our upcoming events details, HERE!