April Wilks, January 16 2020

As you guys may have noticed Walmart has really stepped up their game in home decor. Way to go Walmart! Not only is it affordable but I've noticed they are trying to stay ON TREND for the most part. SO, I have Rounded up some Fun Walmart Decor for this week. I thought this would be a great way to save you guys some time looking for those perfect pi...

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Real Talk

Real Talk: We ain't perfect!

April Wilks, September 4 2019

Real Talk! ❤️ So yesterday in stories I showed y’all my dirty kitchen, dirty dishes, & unfinished projects. Its a lot! Today it was my dirty grey hair? I didn’t think anything of it cause that’s just real life round here. No sense in hiding it! 😉 But then the DM’s on Instagram started rolling in about how much you appreciated & needed to see the r...

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