April Wilks, June 25 2019

Back Porch Bed Swing

A while back, a friend of ours made our family this beautiful bed swing! When we finally got our porch addition completed, we were so excited to finally have a special place large enough to hang it. It just so happened that our son was upgrading to a full size bed, so we were able to use his twin size mattress for our new porch swing. Yay for re-purposing! ;)

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "How do you keep it from molding or mildewing?"  And, I'm happy to say so far we've had no issues!

We have used a mattress protector from the get go, but recently also added a burlap mattress cover over it. To cozy it up a bit, I layered on some classic pillows. Even though they aren't directly out in the elements, I knew that having comfortable outdoor fabrics was the key.  The Sunbrella waterproof fabric is perfect for this.  And for those cool crisp mornings when I'm out here drinking my coffee and having my quiet time, I keep my favorite light-weight blanket close by. It's easy to store in our wicker trunk, that doubles as a coffee table, which keeps it fresh and clean for everyday use.

As a bonus,  I didn't actually intend for them to, but when the mattress cover came in, I couldn't believe that it matched the pillows so perfectly!   I also couldn't help myself and added a few striped pillows too!  Seriously, I might have a slight pillow addiction! 

This cozy corner of our porch has quickly become a family favorite. If you have ever thought about adding a bed swing to your home, I can't recommend it enough. It's definitely used everyday by our entire family.

Even Ruby enjoys an afternoon snooze with a couple of her favorite reads!


Striped Pillow

Mattress Cover

Wicker Trunk



Photos Courtesy of Brooke Murphree Photography

Written by

April Wilks


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