April Wilks, November 21 2017

A Durable & Affordable Alternative to Marble Countertops

White marble countertops...... they are beautiful! They are sleek, clean, classic and so expensive! But let me tell you they are not the only way to go if you are wanting that bright white kitchen feel!!

You have OPTIONS! You can easily spend up to $5,000 on stone countertops alone, and if that's in your budget I say go for it! But... if you're like me and it wasn't, then you are in luck!

You all know that I love doing everything on a budget and cost-effective as possible. But, other than that, the thought of spending that kind of money and the possibility of them getting ruined with stains and not to mention the maintenance was just a deal breaker!

Formica 180fx Calacatta Marble

After much research on Pinterest and reading reviews online I chose to go with the Formica 180fx Calacatta Marble laminate countertops with the PremiumFX Etchings (Finish Code: 46). And yes you heard me right! LOL laminate countertops have come a long way with today's technology y'all, it's AMAZING how much they have improved the look of these once hated countertops! They look so real for a fraction of the cost!

It comes in two size options:

Formica 180fx Sheet Laminate 4 x 8: Calacatta Marble

Formica 180fx Sheet Laminate 5 x 12: Calacatta Marble

Leap of Faith

Since I had never actually seen the laminate in person, it was a bit of a leap of faith! But, looking at samples and tons of pictures on Pinterest really helped me see the final vision and sealed the deal on my choice. Installation was easy and our cabinet guy did a fantastic job at making it look perfect. We didn't go for "the real thing" and we couldn't be happier! 


After hours of researching on Pinterest again, I finally selected a sharp rounded edge called, Aegean. It really gave it a natural look to me and is probably what I would have chosen had I gotten real marble.

We also customized the countertop by keeping the counter flush with the wall. This makes the laminate look more real, in my opinion. Plus, we will be adding a backsplash soon (hopefully) and it will tie in perfectly with the countertops! I'll be sure to update you guys on the backsplash when we get that project up and going! I'm planning on using a brick backsplash IF I don't change my mind!

Final Thoughts

We ended up spending roughly around $900.00 to have our new countertops installed, and was still able to have the look I wanted for my kitchen. Honestly, without close inspection, no one really notices that it is not real marble. Imagine what you could spend that $4,000 saved by going with laminate? A vacation, the kids, everyday life. When we compared the two, the answer was clear. And, I can honestly say after living with them almost a year now that I've never once regretted my decision, I'm still happy I chose laminate over the real deal!

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Next week...

We'll talk about some other details that went into the renovation as well as a little sneak peak at our plan for the coming months. Till then, happy Pickin'!

Written by

April Wilks


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