☀️ The Sunshine

April Wilks, March 20 2019

The Sunshine ☀️ was beaming in this room today and it reached almost 60 degrees y’all! Hallelujah......Spring is in the air!🌱❤️ I can feel it! We opened up the sunroof and blasted the radio on our way to gymnastics and it felt oh so good! Now it’s time with the with the fam and a lil taco 🌮 Tuesday which means lots of queso and salsa 🙌🏻 🤤Much...

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We've all got our stories...

April Wilks, March 18 2019

Big box store, Salvation Army or antique flea market find it doesn’t matter to me I love it all! No matter where it came from or what it’s been through I love it just the same! It’s a lot like people ya know & how God loves us! ❤️ We all got our stories, have been through different things, & are going different places. Some of us a lil worn & tired...

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