April Wilks, June 28 2019

Independence Day Party Treats

The best day of summer is just around the corner!  It's almost Independence Day!  My family loves to get together to celebrate, but dare I say, even better than our fellowship is the food.  I have two staples that are super easy & kid-approved that I always like to make and take to the party.  

First up is my fruit pizza.  Stella Rae loves getting in the kitchen to help me 'whip up' this sweet treat!  The first thing you need to do is to make the cookie dough pizza crust.  I like to use my pizza stone for even cooking, and I make things super easy on myself by using pre-made sugar cookie dough.  For today, I actually used the pre-made cookie dough squares and just smushed and rolled them flat into a square flag shape.  Then, I followed the directions on the cookie dough pack to cook.  Except, I forgot to start the timer, so I just eye-balled the cookie until it was slightly golden.  See!  I told you this recipe was fool proof! ;)

While the cookie was baking, Stella Rae was whipping up our pizza sauce mixture.  It's just a pack of cream cheese and 1/3 cup of sugar.  Then, stir, stir, stir, lick-the-spoon-but-don't-tell-anyone, then stir, stir, stir just a little bit longer.  Done!  Once your cookie dough is cooled, evenly smooth the 'sauce' on top.

Next, grab a handful of blueberries or blackberries and sprinkle in the top left corner.  Then, slice up some strawberries and let all your expectations of straight lines go straight out the window when you hand them to your kids to create the flag's stripes.  Ha!  .... breathe in, breath out. It's all gonna be ok!  Tada!!  A super festive fruit pizza!

I also love to throw together my family-famous watermelon salad.  This one is soooo yummy, soooo easy, and soooo good for you too!  

I choose a cute bowl and fill it full with arugula greens.  Then, I slice up my watermelon.  (It would also be fun and festive to use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut the watermelon into star shapes!  But, all I had on hand was a snowman, sooooo... chopped it was.)  

After I layer on the watermelon, I sprinkle the salad with plenty of feta {Oooooh!  My favorite!  } and some freshly toasted pecans (Aaaah!  From a package-so easy!) and then a pinch of salt.  To finish it off, drizzle on your favorite salad dressing.  My go to dressing is either Girard's Light Champagne or Kraft Sweet Balsamic.  Trust me, this salad is gonna be a big hit!

Happy Fourth of July Celebrating, Friends! 

Photos Courtesy of Brooke Murphree Photography & April Wilks

Written by

April Wilks


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