April Wilks, February 7 2017

Nashville ➸ Getaway

I have to say that we are pretty blessed to live just a few hours away from such an amazing city…

My husband and I were celebrating our 14-year anniversary a few weekends ago and it was a no-brainer that we would be sneaking away for a short weekend to one of our most favorite cities. We always stay just right outside of Nashville in Franklin Tn. It's our getaway place and literally just feels like home every time we go! We have our favorite little restaurants and shopping spots we always go to every time we come into town.

NASHVILLE… it just always feels like home.

While we were out adventuring (of course) I had to sneak in a few stops at some local antique shops while we were there! And thought I'd share a few of the stops we made this last trip.

DAY ONE: Faded Farmhouse - Arrington, TN

Every trip to Nashville, we always try to stop in to visit Faded Farmhouse. I love supporting local, small businesses and Matthew, the owner, always has such a wonderful way of intertwining both vintage and new pieces to create a look that makes you just want to take it all home with you! So many things I wanted to load up, including a huge amazing corbel that was to die for.

Check out some of the displays  I snapped  a few pictures of below. AND how cool is it that one of our very own Vintage Pickin' Vendors has their repurposed, quilted pillows for sale here too! Robin from the French Marketplace makes them out of old quilts, they are so cute ya'll! I snagged one for my daughters room at our last barn sale and I absolutely love it! Of course there was lots more stops this day but there wasn't enough time to document them all and I'm not gonna lie I was caught up in the moment, having to much fun with my better half!

— Snapshots from The Faded Farmhouse —

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DAY TWO: Miss Lucille's Marketplace - Clarksville, TN

After waking up to a dreary rainy day, and lots of adventuring, Tyler and I decided to hit the road. I don't know about ya'll but  we love riding the back roads listening to our favorite music, (singing to the top of lungs) looking at old farmhouses and just taking in all the scenery.  It's the best! We decided to head up to Clarksville, TN. (about 1 hour outside of Nashville) to a store that I had been following on Instagram for a long time… (maybe I secretly had this planned all along, haha)

When we arrived, the parking lot was packed and it was busy busy. (Did I mention it was pouring down rain)  Once we got inside I was ready to start shopping, this place was huge!  I instantly recognized SO MANY vendors booths that I have shopped from at lots of Other events!  Jbs Mercantile, and Small Town Junk both had booths there so I knew immediately that this was going to be a great stop! There was something for everyone… a little new, a little old and so many different style decor booths. Pretty much anything from Farmhouse, mid century modern, to just good old junk to reproductions and crafts too! It had the cutest little COFFEE shop and a café (the kettle corn is to die for) located inside.

— Snapshots from Miss Lucille's Marketplace —

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There were SO many amazing things that I wanted to take home with me… Like a vintage paper roll and THESE amazing corbels…

But after I narrowed it down and weighed the pros and cons…Finding a smaller size of matching set of corbels that really went with my décor, felt like a once in a lifetime find and I just couldn’t pass them up. Confession.... I have a huge weakness to corbels, I love them! So I said...SOLD!  And my husband was even partial to them as well, which is a sure sign they needed to go home with me! Ha! We loaded up and headed back to Nashville for a dinner!

And just like that the weekend was over, and it was back to reality!  I can truly say though that once again NASHVILLE did not disappoint. I look forward to this time every year to getting away just the two of us. It's so important to take that time together, and put your marriage first!  I am so thankful to have spent 14 amazing, crazy, rollercoaster years with my best friend! He really is the best dad and husband a woman could ask for, after all he does put up with me and all my crazy ideas and dreams!

Now it is time for me to maybe get caught up on laundry (I said maybe) -- I can’t wait to get to work on my corbel project and share with y’all how I decide to use them. Hopefully sooner than later!

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April Wilks

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