April Wilks, June 27 2019

Real Life Talk: Yesterday 1, Me 0

What’s your hang up?  You know the one you're afraid for people to know about, stuff down and hide, the one you gotten dang good at hiding until well you can’t?  That was me yesterday melted into a puddle when my husband came in from work. I promised y’all I would always be real with y’all, the good and the bad and gosh it’s hard sometimes you just don’t want too. Its ugly! It’s not fun and we 7’s are all about having fun it’s our jam.

But if I’ve learned anything on this Instagram journey it’s that...

You are my people, my tribe, my friends, you give grace and though our struggles all may be different in the end we are all the same.

Women, wives, mommas, sisters just trying to do this life everyday the best we can, using what we have to encourage, help, and inspire someone along the way!! And have FUN while we are doing it!

So here goes the not so fun...the truth is the beast in my life, his name is ANXIETY. 

It reared it’s head yesterday. Ugh I despise even saying it out loud. Well technically I just typed it but you get the point. It’s the thing in my life I still don’t have complete control of, which really makes me madder than a wet hen but I’m a work in progress. And thank goodness I’ve come along way, I don’t give in to near like I used to. And Ive learned it’s not something you just turn off, but you learn to recognize it and how to overcome it. I doesn’t just go away over night, It’s gonna take time, prayer, work , consistency, more prayer, learning more about myself and my insecurities to tackle this one. The worst part about it is It shows up when it wants too, uninvited like a rude guest. 

I felt it early on in AM so I took the day off posting from Insta to unplug,  think, cry (yes I said cry sometimes it helps), and decompress. Get my thoughts in order. Try to reign myself back in to the TRUTH I know and believe! Not the lies in my head that tries to sneak in.

Here’s the kicker...I’m the girl that LOVES to be everyone's cheerleader. 

I love encouraging my friends, my clients, my family...heck any woman in front of me to face her fears! To tell her hat she is talented and has so much to share with the world, to use their gifts for her God given Purpose and to share with others, that she can do anything she set her mind to, that she  can do hard things, that she is an overcomer, that she is an amazing mother. All these things and more.  

But do you think I tell myself those things, that I give myself a pep talk on the hard days? That would be a BIG FAT NO!  Jordan Dooley said in her new book if you wouldn’t say to your best friend then don’t say it to yourself! Hello truth bomb!

Why are we so hard on ourselves, women?! 

Why do we tell our selves the lies we feel and think when we wouldn't dare say it to our best friend? Craziness I tell ya, that we don’t love ourselves enough to speak the truth back to ourselves like we would to any of our friends. It’s a shame that we will pick ourselves apart detail by detail mistake by mistake. We must do better!! 

Soooo let me tell you what I do know.......

We are NOT who WE say we are, or who anxiety says we are, or who the world says we are, or Instagram, or whatever or whoever BUT...... we are who HE says we ARE! 

And, He says we are LOVED and known, we are a beautiful creation he has made in his image, we are precious in his sight, we were created with PURPOSE! That his grace runs deep for us and that you are chosen! 

So in case you have forgot just like I had yesterday I want to remind you right now and myself today I am who HE says I’am! You are We are who HE says we are!! A child of God!! Know that, believe it, live by it!!️ ❤️

Love y’all BIG friends! And If you're new here sorry I got a little deep on your first day but hey we like to keep it real round here! Don’t run for the hills just yet! ✌️😉❤️ 

Written by

April Wilks


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