April Wilks, July 2 2019

'Our' Favorite Corner

Oh, the elusive green tool cabinet… I wanted to share the transformation story on this piece, because it’s probably the most popular, and coincidentally the most controversial, piece in my home!  It all started on Craigslist.  I mean, isn’t that where all good stories begin?  I found this gorgeous antique tool cabinet while scrolling along, and quickly convinced Tyler that he desperately  (and two of his friends to help us, because this joker is HEA-VY!) needed to make the short trip up to Chattanooga, Tennessee to make it ours. I had to work so because he loves me dearly lol he so graciously made the haul! 

What would we do without our husbands that get behind all our crazy ideas?

He met with the elderly gentleman who had used this tool cabinet for many years.  Tucked away in his shop,  It was obvious it had served its job well; much of its original kelly-green patina was still covered in years of oil and grease!  

But, through the dirt and the muck, I  fell in love with its character and history.  

It hid a few long-lost nuts and bolts in its drawers, boasted the original metal hardware pulls, and best of all, it still had the first owner’s hand-lettered drawer labels. 

Once he got it home, I gave it a good wipe down with some simple soap and water and the occasional chlorox wipe.  It took a whole lotta elbow grease to get it clean!  And despite the Instagram poll, numerous Facebook messages, and even the occasional begging- I decided to repaint it from its original bright kelly-green to a more muted and neutral Annie Sloan white!  Gasp!  I know, I knoooooow.  

Here's the BEFORE: