April Wilks, March 18 2019

We've all got our stories...

This picture is a mixture of thrifted, and splurged, old and chippy ,and a few new pieces still full of life! But that’s how I like it! 

Big box store, Salvation Army or antique flea market find it doesn’t matter to me I love it all! 

No matter where it came from or what it’s been through I love it just the same! It’s a lot like people ya know & how God loves us! ❤️

We all got our stories, have been through different things, & are going different places. Some of us a lil worn & tired some vibrant & full of life. But It’s our stories & our passions that bring us together just like all these pieces mixed together in my dining room! 

Together we all paint a beautiful picture of grace and love! It’s an amazing thing y’all! 

The people I have met through this journey on insta, starting our business and all of you that come to our events YOU are all apart of my story, a piece of the puzzle! 

From vintage events, to home decor, hair and makeup tips or finding deals for y’all you help push me to get out of my comfort zone and continue on this journey God has me on! 🤗❤️ So thank you for being here you are much Loved friends!

Written by

April Wilks

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