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We are partnering with a local foster family who has grown their family of 2 boys to 5!

The Smith family have 2 precious biological boys of their own and 2.5 years ago they began their foster journey! They have now housed 35 foster children and have just recently adopted their 1 year old son, Jaxson through foster care.

During that adoption process they were presented with 2 more boys 10 & 12 whose future looked very bleak. At the time they weren’t prepared for another long term placement but they felt called to help these boys, and brought them in their home.Total of 5 boys with only 2 bedrooms!

They desperately NEEDED another bedroom. Josh Miller and his crew have already begun an incredible work enclosing their back porch and building the bedroom and mudroom area. But, there will be more funds needed to pay for labor, materials, paint, odd and end furniture, lighting and decor pieces that we will be thrifting and sourcing to help pull this all together!

I invite you to join us in this project! There is so much you can do big or small — even 1 dollar goes a long long way. “Every single act of kindness, no matter how small has a ripple effect.”


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